Seeking Human Attorney
for the end of the World

Seeking Human Attorney
for the end of the World

Seeking Human Attorney<br> for the End of the World

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Openings


  1. Know their “why” and understand ours.
  2. Kick ass efficiently at their work.
  3. Have a valid license to practice law.

Other ideal qualities include emotional intelligence, the ability to be open-minded and respect coworker’s boundaries, should possess a fantastic bedside manner with clients, and know when to ask for help. Candidates should be networking trailblazers with a keen sense for business development opportunities.

Should be able to collaborate and work “with the team in mind.” Should not eat other team members snacks without asking. But, we share if you ask so don’t worry. Capable of taking responsibility of themselves, giving credit where credit is due, and participating intentionally in the firm culture.

Candidates must be a badass gladiator that our clients will love, and that we will love having a drink with after work.

Dumbasses need not apply

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